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Van Meurs has been one of the leading producers of aseptic Bag-in-Box systems for many years. Van Meurs has an excellent reputation and an impressive list of references in the field of Bag-in-Box machines. Van Meurs Bag-in-Box systems have a high output. As a result of this higher output, the production costs per litre of product are very low compared to other systems.


Product range The Van Meurs range consists of different types of filling machines for all kinds of applications, including non-aseptic and aseptic and semi- and fully automatic Bag-in-Box filling machines. Van Meurs filling machines are designed for filling dairy products, fruit juices and concentrates, liquid eggs and sauces, Bag-in Box or Bag-in-Drum.
Type B100 semi-automatic non-aseptic Bag-in-Box filling machine, B200 semi-automatic aseptic Bag-in-Box filling machine and B400 fully automatic aseptic Bag-in-Box filling machine.

This is how we support your needs

The Bag-in-Box filling machines are suitable for filling bags with a volume of up to 1,200 litres and are suitable for all standard closing systems. The van Meurs filling machine is also suitable for filling barrels, buckets and sterile containers. Depending on the application, we can supply semi or fully automatic filling machines.

Thanks to the unique filling valve it is possible to vacuum the bag before filling, or fill the bag with product and inject steam or an inert gas on top of the product before closing the bag. This in combination with an advanced PLC control, which regulates all pressures, temperatures, air flows, etc., De Bruin can guarantee problem-free filling.

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