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For the preparation of dairy products

The top-driven yoghurt and fermentation tank ensures optimal fermentation of dairy products such as yoghurt milk. The Yoghurt and Fermentation tanks are equipped with a top-driven horizontal beam agitator. The horizontal beam agitator is suitable for providing sufficient flow along the wall to cool the yoghurt milk to the desired ripening temperature.

The horizontal beam agitator itself is made entirely of solid stainless steel. It consists of a number of scooping and pressing agitator blades in combination with vertical blades. Partly due to the angled agitator blades, both an axial and radial flow of the yoghurt are simultaneously achieved in the product to create a good, smooth yoghurt through the effective stirring action.


Versio The top-driven tank is equipped with a special horizontal beam agitator and is suitable for slight overpressure if desired. The bottom is conical and has a central spout
Volumes Volumes from 1,000 litres to 25,000 litres. Non-standard volumes also available on request.
Materials Stainless Steel 304 / 316 / duplex.
Finish Internally grinded RA <0.8 μm for optimum hygiene
Design PED, draft EN 13445, EHEDG guideline. Other codes and guidelines possible
Optional Version with pressure, heating/cooling jacket, agitator with scrapers, insulation
Application Ripening and stirring yoghurt and starter cultures


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The yoghurt and fermentation tanks are suitable for a slight overpressure of sterile air. This sterile air is necessary for the process to run smoothly and to prevent contamination disrupting the cultivation process. The yoghurt and fermentation tanks are equipped with a top-driven horizontal beam agitator that is suitable for cooling the product to the desired ripening temperature. A few advantages include:

  • Optimal mixing thanks to the special horizontal beam agitator
  • No damage to the product structure
  • Good heat/cooling transfer due to the dimple jacket on the wall and bottom in combination with the agitator
  • CIP cleanable

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