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For the Foostuff Industry

The special top-driven crystallisation agitator is suitable for processing thickened whey without causing crystal damage. This has a dry matter content of 65%. The speed of the crystallisation agitator ensures continuous swirling takes place to grow the crystals.

The ultimate goal is to obtain the maximum number of crystals during the crystallisation process. Due to the effective stirring action and the crystallisation time, the maximum number of small and uniform crystals will be obtained. This ensures a good result during the next process in the drying tower.


Version The tank is equipped with a special top-driven crystallisation agitator. The tanks are insulated and equipped with a cooling jacket. The top is conical and equipped with a manhole. The conical bottom is equipped with a central spout
Volumes Volumes from 1,000 to 45,000 litres. Other volumes are possible
Materials Stainless steel 304/316
Finish Internally grinded Ra < 0.8 μm for optimum hygiene
Design PED, design EN 13445, in accordance with EHEDG guidlines. Other codes and guidlines possible
Optional The cooling jacket in multiple sections for more even cooling



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A tank with a top-driven agitator is used to achieve a homogeneous distribution of the crystals to be formed in the thickened whey. Cooling is provided by a dimple jacket on the wall and bottom. Because the output shaft of the drive runs through the top cover, the shaft passage is provided with a dust/oil cover to prevent oil leakage from the drive. A few advantages include:

  • Optimal mixing
  • No crystal damage
  • Even cooling
  • Large wall and bottom surface for even crystal formation
  • Hygienic design

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