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snel koelen en/of koken

Discover the power of Kovatherm. An innovative solution for quickly cooling or cooking products. Cooling is a bottleneck in many production processes that hinders production capacity. With this boiler you can cool your products twice as fast compared to regular cooling boilers.


Shorten lead time

The advanced Kovatherm, in combination with our cooking boiler, offers optimal balance for your entire batch process. You can significantly reduce the time required for your production thanks to the rapid cooling. This leads to increased capacity and improved efficiency.

Advantages of Kovatherm

For starters, the traceability process during batch production ensures you have full control over your production process. With rapid cooling, which only requires half the normal cooling time, you can quickly move your products along to the next process phase.

Another important advantage is the high product quality. This is guaranteed by careful handling of your products during cooling. The boiler is designed to optimally protect your products, resulting in consistently high-quality results.


Advantages - Traceability through batch process – Fast cooling (1/2 of the cooling time) – High product quality (gentle handling) – Heating by steam or water (optional) – Flexible recipe change
Productentry From above or below
Volumes The Kovatherm is made with high-quality materials, with stainless steel 316L being used on the product side for excellent durability and hygiene. Other materials are available on request. Insulation: wall and bottom
Materials De Kovatherm wordt gemaakt met hoogwaardige materialen, waarbij RVS 316L wordt gebruikt aan de productzijde voor uitstekende duurzaamheid en hygiëne. Andere materialen zijn op aanvraag beschikbaar. Isolatie: wand en bodem
Finish Internally grinded RA <0.8 μm for optimum hygiene
Design PED, design EN 13445, in accoudance with EHEDG guidlines. Other codes and guidlines possible
Agitator Scraped anchor agitator – 3 arms, bottom-drive with counter holder
Application Preparing, mixing, cooking and cooling of sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup, etc.), soups, jam, fruit

This is how we support your needs

The Kovatherm is flexible in use. For the cooking process you can choose heating by means of steam or water, depending on your specific wishes. There are various options to adapt the Kovatherm to your requirements for your production process, such as:

  • Pressure version
  • Vacuum version
  • Media valves and measurement
  • Additional sensors (level switch)
  • Sight glass with wiper and lamp
  • Completely openable lid (standard version)
  • Controls

The Kovatherm lets you increase your production capacity and simultaneously improve the quality and efficiency of your processes. We are happy to work with you to think about how the Kovatherm can be integrated into your production process.

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