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For the preparation of fruit products, soups and sauces

The horizontal mixing and buffer tank ensures optimal processing of fruit products, soups and sauces where there is a large difference in the specific weights of the ingredients.

The horizontal construction in combination with the special agitator ensures entire parts are kept in suspension. The light (floating) parts are transported downwards, while the heavy (sagging) parts are transported upwards. This operating principle is maintained even with very small batches. This makes this type of tank ideal as a buffer for a filling machine. This guarantees homogeneous filling.


Version The horizontal mixing and buffer tank is at an angle with the outlet at the lowest point. (optional: pressure/vacuum version, heating/cooling jacket, insulated)
Volumes Volumes from 500 litres to 3,000 litres. Non-standard volumes also available on request.
Finish Internally grinded RA <0.8 μm for optimum hygiene
Materials Stainless Steel 304 / 316 / duplex
Design PED, draft EN 13445, EHEDG guideline. Other codes and guidelines possible
Optional Version in vacuum and/or pressure, heating/cooling jacket, agitator with scrapers, insulation
Toepassing Buffering products with parts that must be kept in suspension



This is how we support your needs

The horizontal mixing/buffer tank for fruit products, soups and sauces is designed with a slightly sloping spout. The agitator consists of a central (horizontal) shaft on which the various stirring (mixing) elements are placed. Depending on the application, the agitator can be equipped with scrapers. In general, a low speed is used with this type of agitator.

A few advantages include:

  • Optimal mixing, which guarantees the homogeneity of the product up to and including the last litre
  • Large heat exchanging surface
  • No product damage due to the low speed of the agitator

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