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For the hygienic and safe storage of powder and dry raw materials

The powder and raw material silo is suitable for the hygienic storage of powder and dry raw materials. De Bruin Tankbouw produces silos with strong conical bottoms. In this way, we can guarantee a good vacancy rate.


Version Silo for the hygienic storage of powder and dry raw materials. Atmospheric/explosion pressure, funnel bottom
Volumes Standard content, customisation in consultation
Dimensions The tanks are based on standard diameters
Materials Stainless steel 304/316/duplex
Design PED, design EN 13445, in accoudance with EHEDG guidlines. Other codes and guidlines possible
Notes Optional explosion panel, consoles and filter cabinet

This is how we support your needs

The powder and raw material silo is a silo with a strong conical bottom. As a result we can guarantee good emptying. We also think along with you about the grounding and explosion panels. The silos are often used for dry raw materials. The design of the installations is precisely tailored to the different applications and is based on the available space, the process storage requirements and the product type.

A few advantages include:

  • Strong conical bottom
  • Hygienic design
  • Structural calculations can be made for the required explosion pressure
  • Good price-quality ratio
  • Version with consoles and filter box
  • Stainless steel grease/fat storage tank Livestock farming – Animal feed

For animal feed manufacturers, grease/fat processors and veal farms

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